ICAT 2021

Intelligent Systems

Sentiment analysis based on user opinions on Twitter using machine learning
Jorge Cordero and Jose Bustillos
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Advantages of Machine Learning in networkingmonitoring systems to size Network appliances and identify incongruences in Data Networks
Anthony J. Bustamante, Niskarsha Ghimire, Preet Rajesh Sanghavi, Arpit Pokharel and Victor E. Irekponor
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Complex Relative Position Encoding for Improving Joint Extraction of Entities and Relations
Hua Cai, Qing Xu and Weilin Shen
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Topic Modeling for automatically identification of STEM barriers
Ximena Briceño, Ruth Reátegui and Janneth Chicaiza
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Demand forecasting for textile products using machine learning methods
Héctor Medina, Mario Patricio Peña Ortega, Lorena Siguenza-Guzman and Rodrigo Guamán
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